Not just women's business

Over recent years men have become more aware of the benefits of cosmetic procedures and are enjoying the subtle anti-ageing results....

Men have treatments for both cosmetic and medical indications. In particular, men seek treatments for deep lines due to sun damage, body builders wanting to look better, business men needing to look younger in a competitive job market and males, from teens to elderly, wanting treatment for underarm sweating .

Men aren’t resistant or blind to the effects of time but usually do not seek treatment due to the associated stigma. Fortunately, the trend is changing and current techniques in cosmetic treatments offer a natural softening of the lines without eliminating facial expression.  

In men, the aim is to provide a very natural look and this is acheived by allowing some movement in the muscles treated and restoring volume loss, rather than enhancing facial features. This helps reduce lines and restore a more youthful appearance without effecting the natural contours of the face. A natural result means that no-one will be able to tell. At DermiCo, our doctors understand this is extremely important when treating aesthetic concerns in men. Visit our photo gallery for results of male treatments.