No surgery required

As we age, there is a gradual reduction of supportive structures in the face; the subcutaneous tissue, muscle mass and bony structures. Reduction in these supportive structures means the skin is no longer held taut but begins to descend and sag. In the past, the only method available to reduce facial sagging was a surgical face lift.

Cosmetic physicians continue to update protocols for dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to improve results and prevent or delay the need for invasive surgery. One of the more recent advances involves the use of dermal fillers to restore volume loss and “lift” certain areas of sagging eg jowls. The procedure is known as the 8-point Lift.

In addition, anti-wrinkle injections can be used to inactivate the muscles that contribute sagging of the brow, jaw line and jowl. These two techniques combined can produce a significant result known as “The Liquid Lift”.  Visit our photo gallery for results of our Liquid FaceLift treatments.

The Liquid Lift aims to produce:
  • a subtle lift of a specific area or generalised sagging
  • a reduction of wrinkles, lines and folds
  • improvement of natural facial contours
  • a more freshed, healthier and friendlier look
  • a face that looks like you, but younger
For those who also have poor skin quality, dermal therapies can be added for optimal results. Visit our gallery to view the results or for a consultation, call DermiCo on (07) 5575 7585 or 1300 552 932.