Ageing is inevitable but how you age depends on you. There are many modifiable factors that contribute to accelerated ageing and making some minor lifestyle changes can make the world of difference to how you look and feel.
While it has long been accepted that we can't change our genes, it is now becoming  evident that this may not necessarily be the case.  It appears that genes can be activated or deactivated depending on external or environment factors.  In other words, the environment in which we live and our diet and lifestyle choices can actually influence our genes.  If this is true for genes that cause ageing, then there are few things we can do help slow it down.
Inflammation is one of the greatest contributors to cellular ageing.  UV rays, food allergens, ingested toxins (nicotine, alcohol, medications, food additives, preservatives etc) and synthetic and environmental chemicals all drive inflammatory processes in the body. 

Initially the body detoxification systems can manage the effects of these substances, however with age, our natural detoxification systems become overloaded and symptoms of inflammation become apparent.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, bloating, rashes, fluid retention, weight gain, hair loss and mood swings, your detoxification systems may need some help. DermiCo offers high quality nutrient therapies to help replenish body stores and improve lifestyle related symptoms.